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Quality Management System

In 2018 IMVO was granted the ISO 9001:2015 certificate for quality management system. This certificate is a confirmation of our Quality Management System at all stages of development, production, installation and maintenance of products

IMVO racking systems meet the requirements of European quality norms. That is confirmed in certificates, which were obtained after numerous product testings. The quality of IMVO production meets the following standards:

ISO 9001:2015. Quality Management System. This standard specifies requirements for a quality management system and helps to comply the process approach to improve quality management to meet all customer's needs.

EC Declaration of conformity confirms the compliance with European Union standards: EN 15512: “Steel static storage systems – Adjustable pallet racking systems – Principles for structural design”. EN 15620: “Steel static storage systems – Adjustable pallet racking systems – Tolerances, deformations and clearances.” EN 15629: “Steel static storage systems – specification of storage equpment equipment.” EN 15635: “Steel static storage systems – application and maintenance of storage equipment”.

Systematic testing of racking elements guarantees reliability of products and helps to find opportunities to improve it. We simulate and analyze the behavior of constructions using modern computer methods and consider the operating conditions, which will have an impact on safety, reliability and functionality of storage equipment.

We demand the best quality from our suppliers to make sure that all materials, used in the production of racking systems, meet international requirements. SPE "IMVO" uses only high-quality steel with not less than 280 N/mm2 tensile-strength indicator and European powder-coating. Frame assembling is performed using bolts and nuts of 8.8 strength class. We use nuts with plastic sleeve that prevents weakening and loosening of bolted connections during exploitation of constructions.

EC Declaration of conformity

In October 2014 company received EC Declaration of conformity. Experts of European testing center laboratory conducted a series of tests of the next elements: STP.120.25, STP.120.20, STP.090.25, STP.090.20, STP.084.20, STP.084.15. This document is clear proof of IMVO racking systems' reliability and their compliance with European standards. Upot the client's request IMVO can provide the results of tests.

Qualification Of The Staff

High-quality IMVO products are developed and produced by professional and competent specialists. IMVO pays considerable attention to the constant growth of professional skills of all its employees.