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For cities of even countries, located on trade routs, building a logistics centre (LC) or a logistics hub is just a matter of time, for it provides high incomes for stakeholders, and even economic growth. Therefore, handling its own goods, or providing big warehouse areas with modern warehousing equipment and parking lots for rent, a logistics centre becomes a subject of international trade, involving international manufacturers, transporting companies and 3PL operators.

The logistics centre is a sophisticated system of goods flow inside one huge or several connected buildings, with a main task – in time delivery of specific batch of goods, containing different articles collected from different sections of one big warehouse, for dispatching to their destination place.

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In order to provide these operations smooth execution, the use of automation and warehouse management system are critical, as well as use of modern special duty racking equipment, which work together is one technological cycle. The transporting of goods within the warehouse is mostly carried out by rollers.

The logistics centres' activity may be in any industry – food, machinery, light industry, chemical, timber and pulp etc., each of them having their own features in means of goods handling. But also the logistics centre may host different operators, hence the equipment has to be more multi functional to meet requirements of any industry. Otherwise, the LC has to be divided in to different warehouses, providing specific logistic requirements.

Technically, the LC warehouse consists of several main technological zones:

  1. receiving bay zone;

  2. main warehousing area;

  3. packaging and marking section;

  4. sorting and wrapping section;

  5. dispatch bay.

The transportation of goods between the zones is carried out mostly by rollers or conveyor, however, in small LC's the forklift loaders may be applied, even though such slow down the technological process and limit the capabilities.

“IMVO” LLC provides wide range of solutions for LC warehousing and operations:

  1. equipment for a long term and shot term warehousing of single type goods;

  2. equipment for goods transportation in boxes or on pallets between the technological zones and warehousing levels;

  3. equipment for rapid goods handling, delivery and shipping (FIFO, LIFO);

  4. equipment for wide range of goods types warehousing;

  5. equipment for multi level warehousing and handling, dividing in to zones;

  6. equipment for automated goods within a warehouse (Shuttle module, stacker crane).