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Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving is the best solution to provide dense goods warehousing in a small room. It is very useful for pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as fo all kinds of goods, which require special temperature and humidity conditions. The small warehouse building with dense inventory is much easier and less expensive to heat of cool than the big one with a high ceiling. This factor is critical to the manufacturers' or distributors' decision when choosing of not the mobile shelving. Also mobile shelving is used for archiving documents and as book shelving and other small goods warehousing. In general this type of shelving allows to gain twice more warehousing space compared to the conventional shelving.

Mobile shelving

Construction specifications:  

  • Ther mobile shelving sections move on special rails;
  • Sections can be driven manually (by spinning the wheel) or electric (electric motor on every section).Manual moving of the sections is easy, so one can move many section at the same time;
  • The mobile shelving can be open or covered with panels and sliding doors. These can also contain drawers of cantilevers (hangers). The goods can be isolated by installing the side panels and in-section dividers. Covered shelving provide additional safety, prevent dust and dirt penetration, keeping the goods clean. The locker can also be installed to limit access;
  • Only one isle is available for operation at one time. It's a good feature when you need other shelves to be isolated from outside factors and at the same time there's no rapid goods' turnover;
  • The access to any unit except the one in the open section is possible only after moving the sections;
  • The uprights are perforated with beam position adjustment every 50 mm which allows the shelving to be very flexible and suit to any goods' requirements; 
  • Easy assembling/disassembling features, which secures moving of the whole construction to a new biuilding;
  • All sections are equipped with stopping mechanisms to prevent accidental uncontrolled movement. It is am important factor in labor safety.

IMVOs' mobile shelving can be adapted to and building with strong flooring for any type of goods to be handled on shelving, For more information contact us.