Shelving is widely used in various industries. Designed for manual handling, shelving may serve to packed and bulk goods warehousing on shelves. It's applied for manufacture warehousing, long term storage, distribution and wholesale. It can also be applied to serve the technological process optimization. For instance on technical service, where there is a need for quick access to the needed device, part or tool. Demountable construction allows to easily move of reuse the rack, adding modules or reconfigurate it. Perforated uprights secure adjustable position of beams per every 50 mm. The most popular type of shelving is a Mini rack. It is the simplest and cheapest solution to warehousing, which secures direct access to every warehoused unit.

Main advantages of IMVOs' shelving:

  • Construction stability thanks to a sophisticated upright profile and beam connecting bracket configuration;
  • Polymer powder coating, which provides long term exploitation of shelving in its best condition;
  • wide range of constructive elements sizes and types of shelf materials;
  • wide range of accessories for shelving.
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The Conventional shelving or a Mini rack is designed for an easy small size material handling, providing direct access and fully adjustable. The difference from the light shelving is that the IMVO’s shelves are placed on beams, which connect to frames so the shelving bears much higher loads. The maximum load per one section may reach up to 4,5 t. The stability of a construction is provided by frames with horizontal and diagonal braces.

The Mini rack is widely used in many industries: wholesale & retail, post and delivery service, distribution centers, manufacturing companies, technical service, archives etc. It is a low cost solution, easy to assemble without any fastening, reliable and comfortable. The shelves are made of chipboard, metal grid (for more light to reach) or galvanized steel. Usually both one sided and double sided mini racks are used simultaneously in a warehouse. Thanks to the mentioned advantages along with direct access to each warehoused unit, the conventional shelving remains most demanded and widely spread warehouse solution. For more information contact us by filling the contact form or connecting via phone or e-mail.


Mobile shelving is the best solution to provide dense goods warehousing in a small room. It is very useful for pharmaceutical and food industry, as well as fo all kinds of goods, which require special temperature and humidity conditions. The small warehouse building with dense inventory is much easier and less expensive to heat of cool than the big one with a high ceiling. This factor is critical to the manufacturers' or distributors' decision when choosing of not the mobile shelving. Also mobile shelving is used for archiving documents and as book shelving and other small goods warehousing. In general this type of shelving allows to gain twice more warehousing space compared to the conventional shelving.

 Wide span shelving is designed for a manual handling of a wide range of goods at the same time by small batches, which may have various size and weight. The versatility of a wide span shelving allows to use this type of equipment in many industries: logistic and distribution centers, technical service facilities, long and short cycle manufacturing.

Wide shelves secure simultaneous warehousing of different types of goods on the same shelf of the same section, so it can be divided in to few divisions with or without dividing panel. This type of shelving is used when the width of one shelf is insufficient or excessive for the batch of goods to be stored. Also, the goods in packaging, carton, or metal cans or trays can be placed on shelves for comfortable picking. The wide span shelving is used for light and middle weight goods. The shelves can be made of galvanized metal, chipboard of metal grid.


Multi tier shelving system has additional levels for material storage and handling for a number of logistic issues. The first issue to solve is the maximum space use, in particular – the height of the warehouse. While the material handling is executed manually and it is critical to get all from the warehouse, only an additional level can secure full storage capacity. The second issue is warehousing process speed-up by dividing the warehouse in to separate areas by type and packaging of the goods.

Bespoke multi tier shelving is optimized according the room height and technological requirements of the warehouse or production area. The ergonomic stairs with the intermediate platform are made to secure personnel’s comfortable operations. The multi tier shelving can include standard, wide span shelving or combined racking. The supporting element of the multi tier shelving is the upright frame with horizontal and diagonal crossbeams, which secure high stability of the construction.

 The Carton flow shelving or the gravity flow is one of main solutions for a warehouse logistics optimization in means of logistic routs minimization and hence increasing of goods turnover. The carton flow is optimized for production and assembling lines for fast picking of small parts in package (board boxes) or containers (plastic containers, trays) for further use. It is also a reliable solution for logistic processes with a FIFO principle demand.

Sloping shelves with rollers secure automatic goods (parts) stacking near to the picking area, which significantly saves personnel’s time in operation. All these features along with tight loading provide big advantage and therefore increase company’s efficiency and profitability. When the technological processes require a rapid feeding with wide range of parts or goods to the operation area, the carton flow is the most suitable option. Also, the carton flow shelving provides technological routs optimization, so the production and delivery personnel routs will never cross, for the loading and picking areas of a carton flow are on opposite sides of the shelving.


IMVO has a wide experience in multiple types of accessories implementation, which in specific cases are necessary means for efficient warehouse, production facilities or commercial areas.

These accessories provide the following advantages:

• protection of goods from damage and limiting the access,

• reliability and speed of handling operations,

• goods streamlining,

• placing the unconventional and long goods.

The accessories for shelving is widely applied in warehouses or retail areas of building companies, production companies, distribution centers and pharmaceutic companies.