Shuttle pallet racking

Pallet racking with shuttle system. Compare different options and pallet racking apply practices. We will gladly assist you in decision making, which will give your idea a breathe of life.

Pallet racks with a Shuttle module are similar to Drive-in and Drive-through racks by its' key functions. The movement of a pallet inside the rack I carried out by a remote controlled device, which lifts up, transports and loads pallets. The transposition of the shuttle module is carried out by a forklift, which picks the pallet. The shuttle device has rechargeable batteries onboard. The rack system can be used in low temperature conditions in warehouses with cooling and freezing equipment.


The shuttle pallet racking application provides the following benefits:

  • elimination of a need of the forklift to drive in to the rack;
  • elimination or reduction of rack damage by a forklift while handling the goods;
  • elimination of a need in special loaders for operations inside the pallet channel;
  • capability to apply racking with long loading channels;
  • warehouse load handling speed increasing;
  • individual access to each channel;
  • FIFO and LIFO principles provision;
  • high warehouse area usage rate.