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Carton flow shelving

The Carton flow shelving or the gravity flow is one of main solutions for a warehouse logistics optimization in means of logistic routs minimization and hence increasing of goods turnover. The carton flow is optimized for production and assembling lines for fast picking of small parts in package (board boxes) or containers (plastic containers, trays) for further use. It is also a reliable solution for logistic processes with a FIFO principle demand.


Sloping shelves with rollers secure automatic goods (parts) stacking near to the picking area, which significantly saves personnel’s time in operation. All these features along with tight loading provide big advantage and therefore increase company’s efficiency and profitability. When the technological processes require a rapid feeding with wide range of parts or goods to the operation area, the carton flow is the most suitable option. Also, the carton flow shelving provides technological routs optimization, so the production and delivery personnel routs will never cross, for the loading and picking areas of a carton flow are on opposite sides of the shelving.

Advantages on IMVO’s carton flow shelving:

  • The carton flow can be installed separately or integrated in to the conventional racking of shelving;
  • Efficient ordering and control of the wide range of goods with rapid handling;
  • Loading and picking time saving;
  • All dimensions and mechanical benchmarks can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirements;
  • The configuration and width of rolls is tailored to customers’ needs;
  • Additional accessories installations options available: rollers, fencing, safety etc.;
  • FIFO principle secured.