Warehouse safety

Warehouse logistics is a complex and demanding process. Human, technical equipment, racks theirselves and WMS are the key components of the process. 

In racking systems design many different technology of warehousing requirements require attention:

  1. new goods' weight and dimensions properties require new solutions.
  2. productivity growth in materials handling as well as increasingly strict safety regulations force manufacturers and solutions providers to intensively look for new solutions and find effecient feedback.
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Upright protection in pallet racking:

Purpose: Protection of upright to avoid damage by forklift trucks.


Frontal protection                       Corner protection                 Frame end protection bar

Advantages of IMVOs' frame protection:

  1. Only appropriate high quality steel is applied;
  2. We simulate the behaviour and test our protection components in extreme conditions
  3. We use appropriate fastening elements
  4. We design and manufacture bespoke protection elements

Pallet rear stop bars

Purpose: Prevent displacement of stored pallets loaded on beams.

Reliable and effective design.

Purpose of rear wall mesh panels: Preventing goods from falling down into aisles.

Auxiliary devices for storing non-standard goods

  1. Cross-bar for non-standard inventory.
  2. Metal containers support.
  3. Rolling loads support.

Guide bars for narrow aisles 

Purpose: Enable operation for narrow aisle trucks in aisles at conventional pallet racks or Drive-in / Drive-through racks.

Examples of solutions

Structural features:

  1. Strong fixation to the floor.
  2. Durable and corrosion-resistant surface coating.
  3. Submitted to Atlas Company, tested and approved.