Pharmaceutical industry warehousing requires special planning and organization. Like in the refrigerator and freezer warehouses for food, some categories of medicine require low temperature conditions. The coldest temperature conditions reach 0 to +4ºС. Also the pharmaceutic warehouses have to be isolated from other rooms, for no cleaning substances and means, engineering tools, trash cans and personal things and food are allowed in the warehouse with the medicine and the personnel that operates the warehouse, has to wear special uniform and hats. The building of a warehouse is to be split in to few main areas with different puroses: receiving area, main storage (racks), packing area and dispatch (shipment) area. 

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The pharmaceutic warehouse is frequently checked for contamination, deterioration and inventory, which is not permitted in a warehouse. The sanitary cleaning is carried out more often, than in conventional warehouses. Accordingly, all places have to be easy to access and the goods have to be stored above the floor level. Walls are painted with water resistant paint, which result in smooth surface and secure no contamination when touched. The floor has to be made of material which doesn't generate any dust and there have to be no obstructions to easy and smooth cleaning. As according to regulations of most countries, the acquired medicine can not be returned in sanitary means, the only unusable goods in a warehouse are damaged or expired medicine, which is stored separately from the main stock. Therefore, the warehousing organization in carried out to meet the FEFO principle (first expired, first out). Also, in case different medicine require different temperature conditions, those are stored separately in different chambers. 

The powder coating of IMVOs' racks does not emit substances, which may influence the quality and validity of medicine and it is resistant to most part of chemicals, which may appear in case of leakage.  

The IMVOs' shelves are made of galvanized steel, which doesn't emit hazardous substances and does not generate dust. The reflecting surface secures additional light distribution. The chipboard is not recommended for use in pharmaceutical warehouses because of its dust generation ability while operating a warehouse.  

A high density traffic of a wide range of goods in small batches within the warehouse is secured by long span shelvingmulti tier shelving, mobile shelving, and canton flow shelving. The last mentioned type of shelving is designed to provide the best FIFO (first in, first out) practice, while the most part of medicine is time sensitive. 

The mezzanines and mobile shelving allow maximum use of a limited warehouse space, where the special temperature and humidity conditions have to be kept and the optimally applied ventilation will secure almost equal temperature on all heights in the room. Either to prevent goods from a direct light penetration or to limit access to the goods, special panels can be installed. I case the goods are loaded on pallets, one often applies conventional pallet racking and pallet flow racking. While handling the goods on pallets it is crucial to keep the packaging tape, which prevents odd particles to access goods, undamaged. There is also a wide use of pallet flow racking and drive-through racking, which provide the FIFO principle.  

Therewith, IMVO company can always offer special solutions for unconventional projects of pharmaceutical industry. Our experts deeply examine the customers' needs for the warehouse configuration and then prepare best solutions and proposals in the pharmaceutical industry warehousing category. We take into consideration all technological features of the specific goods to be stored while designing the racking and we apply best practices of medicine handling. Contact us and let us be you personal expert in pharmaceutical goods warehousing area.