Conventional pallet racking

✅Direct access to each pallet.
✅Convenient control of your inventory.
✅Stable and reliable design with a wide range of loads and heights
✅Adaptability for different applications and storage facilities.
✅Working aisles for different types of forklifts.
✅Effective use of space and volume of the warehouse up to 50%.
✅A large number of additional accessories. Possibility to combine pallet and shelf storage.
✅Operation in special environments: freezers down to -30°C, refrigerators, outdoor environment, aggressive environments.

Frontal pallet racking is a functionally and logistically flexible solution


Warehousing facilities:
 ▪ Cargoes on pallets of all types, including:
- euro pallets;
- fin pallets.
▪ Containers
▪ Barrels
▪ Coils
▪ Rolls, etc.

IMVO manufactures and supplies warehouse frontal pallet racking structures:

  • storage height up to 12 meters (with extension up to 30 meters)
  • load per section up to 30 tons
  • load on the storage level up to 5 tons
  • rack section width up to 4000 mm
  • any depth of the rack section
  • front shelving with double depth
  • coating of the rack elements: polymer powder coating, materials certified in the EU.
IMVOs' conventional pallet racking advantages:
  • the construction of a rack allows to carry out goods handling with different loads and heights;
  • high reliability and stability of the construction;
  • special constructive elements development for specific warehousing tasks;
  • additional pallet warehousing due to P&D station installation;
  • reliable rulers for safe operation of narrow aisle stacker loaders;
  • development and implementation of special solutions, like dividing the warehouse into different technological ares.
We design and manufacture warehouse racks in accordance with the requirements of:
ДСТУ EN 15512:2015 "Stationary steel warehouse systems. Collapsible pallet racking systems. Principles of design of structures"
ДСТУ EN 15620:2015 " Fixed steel warehouse systems. Collapsible pallet racking systems. Tolerances, deformations and gaps"
ДСТУ EN 15629:2015 "Stationary steel warehouse systems. Technical specifications for warehouse equipment".
ДСТУ EN 15635:2016 " Stationary steel warehouse systems. Operation and maintenance of warehouse equipment "

We advise on the operation of racks
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