Long span shelving

 Wide span shelving is designed for a manual handling of a wide range of goods at the same time by small batches, which may have various size and weight. The versatility of a wide span shelving allows to use this type of equipment in many industries: logistic and distribution centers, technical service facilities, long and short cycle manufacturing.


Wide shelves secure simultaneous warehousing of different types of goods on the same shelf of the same section, so it can be divided in to few divisions with or without dividing panel. This type of shelving is used when the width of one shelf is insufficient or excessive for the batch of goods to be stored. Also, the goods in packaging, carton, or metal cans or trays can be placed on shelves for comfortable picking. The wide span shelving is used for light and middle weight goods. The shelves can be made of galvanized metal, chipboard of metal grid.

IMVOs' wide span shelving advantages:  

  • Easy-to-assemble / disassemble construction;
  • Stability, gained due to sophisticated upright profile, beams and brackets;
  • Material cost efficiency due to wide sections and less number of frames and beams;
  • Capability to reconfigure the shelving multiple times;
  • Strong and light 57mm profile, used in uprights, beading light, middle and heavy loads;
  • Direct access to any cell of shelving;