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Racking supported mezzanine

Racking supported mezzanine or multi tier racking system differs from the mezzanine platforms by its' supporting structure. While the mezzanine platform is supported by columns, the racking mezzanine is supported by pallet, shelving or cantilever racking. These racks can also be combined. This type of racking system provides high density of warehousing and gives additional area, which becomes more and more expensive. The mezzanine is the cheapest solution to double or triple the warehouses area by adding new technological levels.

The structure of racking supported mezzanine. The mezzanine project is a fully bespoke design suited to the specific site. The mezzanine flooring is installed on the top of a conventional wide aisle rack. The upper racks may either continue the lower lever racks layout or be placed in their own manner. The access to the upper level is provided by stairs, mounted to the structute from one or more sides to provide optimum logistics performance. When the upper level is very high, the additional intermediate platform can be applied on stairs. To provide labor safety, all upper levels are equipped with safety fences and safety gates for pallet receiving.  

IMVO provide the following benefits on mezzanines:

  • maximum warehouse space and height use;
  • maximum cost saving. You may reach the cheapest area rent rate using mezzanines. The rent rate can be double or triple cheaper depending on number of levels of a mezzanine;
  • the independent and self sufficient working areas can be achieved on different levels of a mezzanine. The dividing of warehouse in to technological zones has never been easier;
  • the most flexible solution to logistic tasks. The configuration of a mezzanine can be various, applying all gained experience in warehouse solutions and including all benefits and advantages of the existing types of racking.