Column supported mezzanine

For an efficient operation of a combined warehouse (goods are warehoused both on pallets and shelves), where there is a need to divide different technological areas, the column supported mezzanine is the best solution. This storage system allows not only to precisely divide the pallet and bulk goods areas but also divide technological operation zones of such. Thus, one technological zone personnel will not cross with the other directly and they will cooperate freely and simultaneously with each other.

The Mezzanine is a metal construction, which provides two and more tiers of warehousing. The additional warehousing level is made using the warehouse height and columns to support the second floor. Most part of mezzanines have two levels, but there can also be three and more levels depending on the technological and logistic needs.

New mezzanine levels provide not only additional warehousing cells, but also new operational platforms, independent from the lower technological area. The pallet loading to the upper levels of a mezzanine is provided through the special safety gates, mounted on the platform edge. There can also be an opposite process – the goods on a pallet are collected on the higher level and then picked through the gate to a lower level for a further shipment. The lifting equipment can be various – forklift loader, stacker crane or elevator. The access to higher levels of a mezzanine is secured by stairs, mounted to the general construction. If the platform elevation is high because of warehouse room configuration, the additional intermediate platform between stairways can be installed.

IMVOs’ mezzanine platforms advantages: 

  1. High construction stability, comfortable operations of personnel on higher tiers; 
  2. Floor load capacity up to 1000 kg/m2
  3. Different flooring materials available – corrugated sheet, chipboard, metal grid; 
  4. Fencing, designed to meet all possible application conditions; 
  5. The pallet picking areas are secured with sliding or flipping gates;  
  6. Improved safety secured by fencing, safety grids, handrails and safety pallet gates on the higher levels;  
  7. Integration of the additional flooring with the conveyors and air lifts;  
  8. Fully demountable and reusable construction.