Pallet flow racking

The loading of a pallet in to a pallet gravity flow racking is executed from one side. Later then the pallet moves through the roller conveyor under the gravity on a controlled speed. The picking of pallets is executed on the opposite side of the racking. The pallet flow racking secures FIFO loading principle.


The bearing construction of a pallet flow racking is based on a reliable pallet racking system by IMVO. The roller conveyor is built in the drive-in pallet rack. These conveyors secure permanent speed movement of goods through the channel from the input to the picking point. Specific conveyor elements provide a pallet movement slow down, stopping and direction. Due to a tight warehousing the pallet flow racking may reach a 60% higher area use rate than the conventional wide isle pallet racking. The loading and picking areas separation increases the operational productivity.

The pallet flow racking is used in the following types of warehouse:

  • Buffer storages for commissioning
  • Distribution and assembling warehouses