IMVO has a wide experience in multiple types of accessories implementation, which in specific cases are necessary means for efficient warehouse, production facilities or commercial areas.

These accessories provide the following advantages:

  • protection of goods from damage and limiting the access,
  • reliability and speed of handling operations,
  • goods streamlining,
  • placing the unconventional and long goods.

The accessories for shelving is widely applied in warehouses or retail areas of building companies, production companies, distribution centers and pharmaceutic companies.

For vertical loading of goods the metal dividers and segregators are applied.


For goods demonstration on the rack (ceramic ceramic tile, metal goods, partsaprofiles) or picking (fasteners, installation accessories) the tilt shelving is applied.


For covering the rack (mobile shelving) of dividing the shelves in to sections, the special pannels are applied. In the covered shelving system the access is secured by mechanic shutters.

For vertical placement and dividing of plastic and metal profiles up to 3m in length the custom shelving with narrow sections is applied.

For tapes or other materials on reels handling with the unroll & cut option available we can offer a special shelving with a cantilever supported bars.