Combined Racking

General characteristics of the combined racking:

  • Designed for storage at goods with special weight and dimensions characteristics.
  • They can combine a few types of shelving, for example:
    • pallet racking and trade cantilever shelving (used in the format of Cash & Carry);
    • pallet racking and shelving on the lower storage levels (used in distribution centers of retail chains);
    • pallet racking with arrangement on the lower tiers for vertical storage of profiles, rails, decking panels, etc.
  • Pallet storage is combined with arrangement on the lower storage levels of technical solutions for picking goods (widely used in network of format DIY).
  • Combined system is based on proven pallet racking with wide capabilities for storage heights and loads.
  • Large range of accessories that adapt the system of warehouses to storing special goods.
  • Application of polymer coating in any color of RAL-scale.
  • Development and production of any elements of the storage system to meet customer's requirements.