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Cantilever racks kinds and advantages

For long goods handling the special multi level solution is applied, which is the cantilever rack.

The equipment is designed for long profiles, metal sheets, chip boards, wood materials etc warehousing.

Due to its structural feature, cantilever racks are a specific warehousing equipment, for it's assembled by connecting single bearing uprights with horizontal arms.

The structural simplicity, no dividers or shelves allow to handle very long goods. The goods are handled manually or with the forklift lifters, therewith rack to provide direct access to any SKU. The pcie of equipment depends on the load capacity, dimensions and other features.

By its' fundamental ... cantilever racks are divided in to two main types:

One sided: arms are placed on one side of the upright. It allows to place the rack by the wall to save warehousing area;

Double sided: designed to warehousing good on both sides of the rack. Double sided cantilever racks allow to maximise capacity and due to more materials put in to the same width as a single sided rack, the price of double sided rack wil be higher. 

IMVO company performs designing, production and supply of single sided and double sided cantilever racks. The examples of out cantilever racks can be seen in Kyiv, Lviv and many other sicies of Ukraine and abroad. The durability and resistance of racks to different environmental impacts is secured by use of a high quality selective steel, polymere coating and galvanizing of elements.

Cantilever rack can cover whole warehouse area, be applied in cantilever mezzanine construction or just be applied as a rack fo a small shop. Another factor to encourage cantilever rack acquisition is its' adaptivity - you may adjust the hight of arms by every 100 mm all by yourself. In case of outdoor material warehousing need, the additional roofing can be performed and integrated. 

Cantilever racks are made as an individual project with its' specific technical features for particular goods type handling in order to provide long term lofe shelf.