<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>ІМВО finished automated warehouse project

ІМВО finished automated warehouse project

Applying a roller canveyor technology, IMVO company has established a project of an automated warehouse for pharmaceutic goods. It is a complex solution for warehousing, distribution and turnover of medicine and health care products on 7000 sq.m area. The precise calculations have been conducted for an efficient function of the warehouse and as result, the most suitable solution has been offered for equipment configuration and application. The project includes pallet racks, carton flow chelving and roller conveyors.

For the new warehouse project goals achieveng, the conveyor transporting system had to be integrated in to racking equipment and their smooth interaction had to be achieved.

All the equipment is optimized for the following processes:

  • unloading of vehicles;
  • production quality control;
  • packing and repacking;
  • warehousing and picking;
  • distribution; weighing;
  • accounting and control;
  • shipping and dispatch.

The whole project includes 10000 cells for handling, conveyors with general driving length of 800 m, 37 automated picking and control stations, 80 automated work places, 3 sorting lines. The quipment secures a 2000 boxes/hour turnover.

Every unit is took out the box, checked, moved in to a plastic tray for further packaging in to paperboard boxes for warehousing or shipping.