<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>Safe warehouse = efficient warehouse

Safe warehouse = efficient warehouse

The warehouse efficiency is one of the mainest success factors. However, the safety, especially staff safety is not less important as the efficiency and the efficiency cannot be reached without safety. The upsetting statistics claims about 2% of all fatal excidents at work make ones inside warehouses.

How can we reduce of eliminate the risk of injuries while storage materials handling?.

While the first main subject of safety is staff, the first thing to do is to create a specific safety culture at the company, especially at warehouse, so all the company members should follow it. If workers notice that company cares about their safety, they will also pay more attention to it and will lower the risk of excidents.

irst of all, safety regulations have to be strictly determined and structured. Every employee must actually, not only formally pass the safety instructions and aknowledge the potential risk. There must be regular trainings with safe equipment handling for every worker even for those of one division, who never handle equipment from another division. This issue is critical when it is about interation of walking and driving operators on the aisles.

It's also important to encourage workers to detect potentially dangerous areas and offer solutions to prevent any excidents, which may take place. Ithey need to know that the employer wants them to come home every day after work safe and healthy.

Marking hazardous areas, using reminders about the importance of keeping workplace safe or charts and visualizations of how risky work can be if safety rules neglected, will make a significant influence on people treating safety at work as such.

Also, top companies use charts to show how many days in a row passed without any excident with injuries or material damage at workplace or conduct contest where the most durable division in means of safety will be a winner to define, which division needs more attention.
And the last but not least important is the regular inspection of the equipment and checking its main loops, keeping floor and packing area clean and free from odd materials and objects.

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