Light duty cantilever racking

The light duty cantilever racking is designed for long lightweight goods warehousing with comfortable handling. The special features are its density, lightness, modularity and disassembling ability. The light duty racking is mainly used in lightweight plastic, aluminum or wooden long profiles or sheets (plates) warehousing. For heavier goods the Middle and heavy duty cantilever racks are applied. For choosing best racking type for your industry feel free to contact us.

The cantilever racks can be made one sided for placing at the wall and double sided providing two side loading. The upright and the base are made of a square steel profile. The construction stability is provided by diagonal X-braces, bolted to the uprights. All the dimensions of the rack and arms can be tailored for every separate project and needs.

IMVOs’ light duty cantilever racking advantages:

  • Best weight/load capacity correlation;
  • Easy assembling/disassembling features, which secures reconfiguration and addition of new modules;
  • Wide RAL color range for painting;
  • Hot galvanizing to prevent corrosion;
  • Arm vertical position adjustment – every 100 mm;
  • Wide range of arm options: tilt angle, length, load capacity, antiroll stops;
  • Additional roofing installation for outdoor application;
  • Wide range of accessories, construction adaptation to special goods properties.