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Middle and heavy duty cantilever racking

Medium and heavy duty cantilever racking is a warehouse solution for long goods handling. This type of racking is commonly used in machinery, building and engineering materials storage. Designed for pipes, profiles, lumber, double-T profiles, reels, rolled metal products, metal angles and others handling, heavy duty cantilever racks bear heavy loads of mostly big size metal goods.

Advantages of IMVO’s cantilever racking:

  • Strong galvanizing and paintwork;
  • Wide range of cantilever arms options: tilt angle, length, load capacity, caps;
  • Covering option for outdoor installation;
  • Wide accessories assortment, adaptation of the construction to specific requirements;
  • Easy disassemble and reuse properties.

A stable construction of the rack, obtained due to fastening with straight and x-bracing provides higher capacity. The base and the upright are made of a double-T profile. As well as pallet racking and shelving, the cantilever racks can be made one sided of double sided. There are also different types of arms and accessories options to offer. For choosing the best rack configuration option there are few issues to specify – goods dimensions, weight and maximum lifting capacity. Using additional accessories and elements the cantilever racks functionality can be extended.