Cantilever rack based platforn

The cantilever rack suppported platform is installed and is currently used on one of Minsk (Belarus) copmanies. 

IoT and warehousing

IoT (Internet of things) is getting more popular and growing for two main reasons:

  1. We want to control all processes;
  2. We want to minimise resourses (including human) and money spent on it.

The place of 5S in logistics

The well know among successful companies 5S principle lets efficiently order a workplace. It has been defined as part of Toyota's manufacturing methodology, and Toyota is well know not only as a novator in car manufacturing, but also as one of main novators in manufacturing technology improvement and this company remains an example to follow for numerous companies over the globe.


About the company

• Scientific and Production Enterprise "IMVO" is a designer and producer of racking

systems with experience for 20 years.

Celluveyor is an omnidirectional conveyor belt

Celluveyor is an omnidirectional conveyor belt that can move objects freely in any direction. Following is a transcript of the video. This conveyor belt can move in any direction. It is called the Celluveyor.